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Haiku Field

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Ferris wheel

the fog rolls in with the dawn

















wire fence

the smell of coal dust

from the barge

















Brooklyn Navy Yard

the sounds from a playground

across the river


















the foot bridge

a water rat sniffs

near my shadow


















morning rain

the kitten trembles

in its sleep


















new sidewalk

the squirrel's footprints

fill with rain


















clerk's burial

the bulldozer covers his grave


















spring chill
puddles on the sidewalk
reflect the moon

















clouded night

algae glow in the bow wave


















hot playground

a wind stirs the trees


















the East river darkens near the sewer

school of fish

















lingering heat

the dirt road ahead of me

















The mountain top dimples under the strider's leg 


















the old man and toddler sway between steps 


















late fall

a tea leaf drys

in the cup


















Christmas twilight

the blackbird's silence

from tree to tree



















from a still pond



















winter branch

the roundness of the sparrow

in the wind


















winter surf

a dog sniffs distant places

on other dogs


















snow storm

the spray covers the jetty