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The first day at summer camp, a few counselors take the children to the lake for swimming. When we arrive, I watch from the deck. I didn't like the idea of living things in the water. One boy overheard me tell the counselor that I couldn't swim and whispers to me that there are rats as big as dogs that swim in the lake. A little later, another boy screams snake while he wades near the shore.  A counselor runs over and discovers that someone has relieved themselves.  I start to walk away from the crowd and along the shore and notice something on the lake. I look more closely and realize it is an insect standing on the undisturbed lake's surface. I am in awe of it. At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then it lifted one leg and placed it on the surface again.

the mountain top dimples under the strider's leg

A counselor approaches me and asks if I would like to go row boating.  I tell her that I don’t know how and she answers she would row.  I agree and we go to the deck where the boat lies.  The wind grows stronger in the late afternoon breaking up the sun’s reflection into choppy bits of light.  We shoved off from the deck, and I hear the rush of water then a pause. The lifted oars rub against the fittings as she pushes forward in the wind.  We came closer to a strange looking boulder that looks like it has pock marks all over its surface.   She tells me it was once a volcano a long time ago. 

volcanic rock
the wind across the lake

The sun dipped below the silhouetted forest.  The wind faded with the light and we headed back to the landing.  As we lifted ourselves onto the deck, something on the water passed by

a leaf in and out of twilight